Switch Lighting Distributor ...

9 March 2020


When the car's lights are on, the switches in the centre console should be lit. This is done partly by LED's already built in the switch (e. g. electric windows, seat heating), but in some switches (interiour light), it's done differently.

Originally with the R107 there was a little "spider", a fibre optic distributor. A lamp in the middle and fibre optic cables to the switchers. I didn't have that stuff from the R107 and it's not available anymore.

I thought - and experimented - about putting a LED in those switches, but it would have looked a bit "unprofessional", although it worked. So I came up with the idea, to design a housing for a "standard" cluster light, openings for 3mm fibre optic cables and - of course - an "original" hole for a MB plug.

I cut out a part of the circuit board of one the experimental clusters I still had. Two conductor tracks on it and a standard socket would fit. Two pins included for the plug, two covers … and it's done.