USB Socket - Disguised

3 September 2019


While I modified the centre console so heavily, I thought it might be handy to be able to charge e. g. a phone in the car. The modern USB-Sockets on Ebay from China are of course too modern and cannot be used.

As I had two cigarette lighters from two cars, I got an idea. How about designing an inlay for the cigarette lighter, that could hold a USB socket? And use the original knob in a way, that it is held inside the USB socket?

So I took a cigarette lighter completely apart, modified some parts and started printing. The cables will be soldered to the USB-socket and guided through the inlay to come out at the end. GND will be connected to the cigarette lighter case and I can even use the original pins, so a standard Mercedes plug will fit.

So from the outside, the car will have "two" cigarette lighters ;-)