Seat Bench Sample Leather ...

30 June 2020


Today we drove to the saddler. The seat bench base is restored now, even one of the spring elements was replaced and rebuilt in the original fashion. We also had a look at a leather sample, where we decided that the piping remains black and not orange. The leather is - identical to the dashboard - the original Mercedes leather.

Imho it looks very good and I'm looking forward to picking up (sic!) the bench at the end of July.

Dashboard & Centre Console ...

6 October 2019


Today I could pick up the dashboard and the centre console from the saddler. He's an artist and after discussing the details already in March, he finished those two bits. The result is absolutely sensational!

We use black Mercedes leather with the original texture. Stitching is done in bright orange, fitting the final colour of the car. I've written a detailed spec with all the bits and pieces, e. g. which switches overlap with the leather and where the leather has to be pulled into the hole.

The seat bench needs some restoration first; this might be finished by the end of the year; black leather with orange stitching too, seat heating integrated.

I also managed to source two bright orange (!) seat belts for the seat bench. The belt itself has to be certified as well as the machines the seat belt is produced with … but I got it ;-)

Bild in Lightbox öffnen (open image in lightbox). Stitching of upper & lower part … I just like it!
Bild in Lightbox öffnen (open image in lightbox). Orange seat belts with black stitching ;-)