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GPS Tracker Installation ...

19 January 2021


I will install a GPS tracker in this car as I have done it in my other cars. So during electrical installation a +12V power supply was already planned. However "my" old GPS tracker wasn't available anymore. So I got a used one for 50 EUR, which has the advantage that all operation is identical to the ones I already use. On top of that I got an old navi car power supply with a mini USB plug for 1 EUR.

The idea is, to use the empty space of the old mono loudspeaker in the dashboard. So I designed a bracket, that fits exactly with the loudspeaker's screws. The cigarette lighter power supply was dismantled and the pure electronics (providing +5V with a mini USB) was placed there too. The "band" over the GPS tracker was printed with a flexible material, so this sits firmly. Four M4 nuts were integrated in the design (glued in their spaces), so the stuff can easily be dismantled by loosening the M4 screws.

An "original" Mercedes socket was also integrated, so the +12V cable will get an "original" plug ;-) ... well it fits and the loudspeaker cover comes on top!