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Relais Frame ...

29 June 2019


With original old Mercs, the electrical components are somehow "distributed" under the dashboard, hardly accesible and difficult to find.

So I came up with the idea, to put a wooden plate behind the glove compartment and install ALL fuses and electrical components there. As not all fit, I will put e. g. the seat heating relais behind the centre console.

However, the relais were a topic. Indicator, overvoltage protection, electric windows, kick-down, etc. etc. … all "somewhere". So I got a nice holder from a W126, where the connectors are clicked-in from underneath and you just put the relais on top. However the W126 before 1985 and after didn't fit my purpose.

That's when I thought, I design it myself and print it. All arranged according to size and space and - most important - all together. Even the two modern relais from the Bantam aircon will be replaced by "old" Merc relais.

As the original case of the cruise control relais has some "ears" for installation, but I wanted to have it closer to the other relais, I designed a new case for it ;-) ...

I don't know about you, but those pin assignments can be quite mind-boggling ;-) … Plug or socket, upside down or not …

So as I do a complete new harness, I did ONE layout now and - hopefully - when connecting all the cables there are no mistakes!

Shed some light ...

29 February 2019


Most of the electrics is behind the glove compartment, mounted on a wooden plate, that can be tilted downwards in the passengers foot room. If I ever have to check something there it will be dark.

So I included a switch (for the wooden plate) and a light cable into the harness. First idea was to buy a cheap LED on Ebay to glue against the firewall (inside), to have some light.

But while fiddling with the glove compartment light, I came up with an idea: This light is still available at Mercedes (4.78 EUR), so why not build a housing and put an "original" light there.

So I started printing and after a test print, the thing fit. Once I have the harness in the car, it will be stuck with double-sided sticky tape onto the firewall and - hopefully - there's enough light to check fuses and relais.