Electric Windows ...

25 December 2017


As the donor car was an R107 SL with electric windows, the harness and the switches were already there. I could source two motors and two mechanics from the club. They originally came from a W108.

However they bolted in straight, but the arms to move the windows were too long. Therefore I had to modifiy the bar holding the window screen, but now they're working!

Electric Window Mechanics restored ...

3 July 2020


The electric - used - windows mechanics worked ... but loud and hard. So I decided to source the mechanics new from Mercedes ... luckily available, but not cheap (roughly 350 EUR each). As this is a casting part, there's no way to bend or rectify anything.

After opening the motor, removing the old grease, using new screws and putting it all back together again, the movement was nicely quiet and smooth.