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First part painted ...

26 March 2021

Whoo hoo !!! Today I got an - SMS - picture of the first part painted: The motor hood! Imho the expression "looks fucking great" summarises it best ;-) ... pretty excited (as some might notice)!

Left fender painted ...

8 April 2021

Progress ;-) ... the first fender is back ... looks great. Can't wait to see the car painted!

Doors painted ...

14 April 2021

Paint job continues with a good progress ... both fenders, both doors and the hood are painted now.

Next step will be the cargo covers and other loose parts, e. g. fuel flap, license plate holder etc.

Looks good imho!

More parts painted ...

16 April 2021

Painting of parts continues ... I'm pretty excited and happy with the result! The first vertical cargo covers are done as well as a front bracket (underneath the front bumper). Also the passenger door, which was so badly repaired in the US has turned out really good. Really cannot wait until I have the car back and I can put it back together again!

More parts painted, chassis started ...

12 May 2021

Again progess on the "body front": more parts have been painted, imho the cargo floor cover looks really good. The chassis is at the painters now too, first grinding and filling has been done. Pretty exiting after all this time, work, effort and sleepless nights to see an end coming to it!

First "sanding paint" done ...

3 June 2021

As "usual" there's far more work involved than anticipated. With this car, there's just more visible parts than in a "normal" car. So the painter really is doing a great job and putting a lot of effort and passion into it. Grinding, filling, waiting ... grinding again ... and putting the first "test paint" on it to continue getting it done.

Even parts that you don't see that often, e. g. the insides of the door frames are done with a lot of attention to detail. 

Especially the long rear fenders are a real challenge. According to Timo, the result is - so far - outstanding.

First orange on the car ...

9 June 2021

Well, the paint job continues. Besides single parts, the first paint is on the pick-up! It looks better (in my opinion) than I have imagined ... both "invisible" and visible parts. The top coat will be done next week (that's the plan) and a few parts are still to be done (cargo cover, rear cargo door, license plate holder, etc.).

Body Paint Job completed ...

15 June 2021

This time I do not need a lot of words ... the pictures speak for themselves. I just cannot believe, that - after all this time - I see the body finished ... I'm over the top!

Rest of the little parts painted ...

27 June 2021

What's sometimes forgotten are all those little parts, that are also part (!) of a paint job ... nevertheless they are important to make it look good!

Ready for Transport ...

3 July 2021