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Motor Revision (I) - Taking it apart

9 February 2018


Well, this project obviously didn't have enough obstacles so far. What happened?

After finding particles from the chain guides in the oil pan, we decided to do a motor revision, replacing them and all the sealings, chains etc. The car had a supposedly 127,000kms on the clock. So after cleaning we started dismantling.

The motor must have been opened before in Japan, as the chain guides were ok (although we found pieces) and it must have had serious overheating Problems. The first indicator was the missing (!) thermostat!

We continued and after having a look into the cylindres with an endoscope, we decided to take the heads off ... well you can see on the photos. That motor is done. Either 250,000kms or 127,000kms stop-and-go in Japan.

So the next -expensive - step is to either completely overhaul the motor or find a new one ... I will not buy a used one again. Another bummer.

Next week I have an appointment with someone who should have a brand new M117 Motor ... we'll see what the price difference to an overhauled motor is.

Gearbox Revision

26 February 2018


We started dismantling the gearbox which also worked fine two years ago. I was being a bit apprehensive after what we found out with the Motor.

Well, we took it apart, even put the filter into pieces and didn't find any particles. So the sealings on both ends, new filter and gasket and it was put back together again. We hope, that it will work fine, once the car's driving!

Motor Revision (II) - New Motor!

26 February 2018


As mentioned above, I drove to someone for 300kms to actually have a look at a brand new M117 motor. Not a refurbished one, but NEW. We made a deal and today it was being delivered.

Built up to my specs (back to 1980, without some unreliable electronics) it really looks good, I have one year of warranty and next week we want to complete it (aircon compressor, gearbox, etc.) and then put it back into the car.

Motor Revision (III) - New Motor installed

6 March 2018


We completed the Motor with all parts, e. g. aircon compressor, belts, gearbox, ...

Next step was to put it back in ... it still fit! Next steps will be to somehow fit in all aircon hoses, dryer, etc.