Repairing the rust bucket cont'd ...

22 February 2020

So Timo is still busy repairing the rusty parts of the sedan. Before the (ex-) rear bench, there were some tricky spots to be repaired. As you can see on the photos, he's done a perfect job, also putting the nuts in the correct place again.

The trunk floor was rusty, we knew that. As this will be hidden in the future due to the cargo area, this can be fixed in a more easier way. I could source the rear cross-bar in Holland, so at least that can be used as a reference.

Pick-Up parts back from sandblasting ...

24 January 2020

The Pick-Up parts came back from sandblasting. Not too good as we expected, but doable. After a chat with Timo it turned out that the back of the passenger wall and the cargo door are more tricky than it looks. Lots and lots of dents and there must have been severe damage to the rear end. Lots and lots of tin used, many many little sheets of metal for repair ... and so on and so forth. Why should it ever get easier? :banghead:

Well I'm SOOO lucky to have someone like Timo who takes on such a job. With all the setbacks so far, it feels like the lottery win with him. :rockon:

Sedan back from sandblasting ...

The sedan body went to sandblasting. A few more small holes, but all in all not too bad. That the trunk floor was rubbish, we knew. So the rebuild can start from there.

This week the pick-up parts will come back from sandblasting … let's see what's left ;-)

19 January 2020

Starting on the rear end ...

10 January 2020

Body works continue … the trunk floor of the sedan is rusty, we knew that. So the bottom of it will be rebuilt from scratch. As the cargo door is very pickup-specific, we will use it. Also the bumper of the Pick-up is much lower than the one from the sedan.

The rusty rear cross bar I could source as NOS, but the green wire will be replaced with an orange one ;-)))

Bild in Lightbox öffnen (open image in lightbox). Professionally attached Cargo flap ;-)

Fixing rust on the floor ...

12 December 2019

Although the sedan is pretty good regarding rust, some holes were there and Timo starting fixing them. He even made a special tool to get the shape right. So here's some pics of the floor behind the seats using original metal from the pickup's roof.

Modifying the sedan: tunnel ...

7 December 2019


The sedan's front (donor car) is now nearly finished; all obsolete holes are closed, the left fender is modified and the battery rust issues are done.

Due to the V8-gearbox the W115 tunnel had to be extended. As a hint for Timo we welded in two bars, so he knows how far the extension has to go. Also the shape is very important as the "new" centre console has to properly fit on top.

Start of rebuilding: Cargo Area support ...

15 October 2019


Unfortunately the whole support construction of the cargo area is completely rotted away. So this will be rebuilt from scratch, but exactly as it has been.

However, Timo found out, that some parts of the Binz construction is not really up to standard, so some reinforcements will be included, so the whole body is much more stable.

It is planned to put this subframe into the sedan first, so it will stabilise the whole body before anything is cut off.