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Loudspeakers ...

25 December 2017


Loudspeakers for the car ...

Well, good music is important for me in a car, so already more than two years ago I was lucky to get some period correct Speakers (or nearly) for the Retro Radio.

It was an MB Quart 3-way-system; MB Quart was a German Company producing high end loudspeakers for cars and for your home. They went bancrupt in the 90s, but my first Mercedes already was equipped with them.

It was brandnew, never installed, original box and it cost me ... a smashing 45 Euros! It consists of a 16cm bass, a 10cm mid-range and a 25mm high tone.

How to fit them ...

Those cars weren't designed for loudspeakers, so it was a bit tricky to find space. The bass went into the foot area on the side, and the two other Speakers fit into the door.

The door was quite tricky, because the electric window components had to be taken into account as well as the other bits and pieces in the door. However with those two holes it should work!

Loudspeakers (II) ...

17 June 2018


Even better loudspeakers ...

First things first ;-) … by accident - similar to above - I found another BRAND NEW, untouched MB Quart System on Ebay. Instead of a 16cm bass it has a 20cm one and the state-of-the-art-of-the-time titan tweeter was part of it.

I could acutally make it fit into the door (lost a bit more metal though) and I could even fit the 20cm bass in the foot room … Looking forward to hearing it in the future!

Did I mention, that in another auction I also got a brand new MB Quart 25cm Subwoofer ;-) ;-)

Subwoofer fits ;-) ...

14 April 2020


After finishing the rear cabin wall, Timo found out, that my original idea to put a subwoofer behind the driver's side of the seat bench, would work. Enough space in the old "rear passenger's foot area", so this will go ahead.

As the amplifier will go underneath the seat bench too, a short 2.5mm² cable is sufficient.

The subwoofer itself is brand new, end 80s or beginning 90s from MB Quart too. So period correct too ;-)

Water protection Bass ...

16 August 2021


The bass loudspeakers (20cms) stick out into the fender area. However, water runs down there. So I designed some water protection "roof", printed it in 3D, installed and sealed it. If suddenly there's no bass there anymore, then I know, it didn't work! ;-)

Final installation ...

12 September 2022


Here's the final installation of the loudspeakers ... not everybody's taste, but mine ;-)