Because I'm German ;-) ...

14 July 2020


Well, this is one for the 150% ones ;-) ... there was a project here in a R107 forum to reproduce the tyre pressure stickers in the fuel tank flap. There were actually five different ones. So I contacted Tom, if he could produce a special one for me, if I give him the pictogram ... well he did and today they arrived. Printed on metal foil, just like the original. The car wouldn't be complete without it ;-)

Another "detail" ;-) ...

23 October 2020


Today some more important "details" arrived. Same guy who did the stickers for tyre pressure reproduced the original service cards, that are attached with a wire. "Old style", period correct, one for oil and one for the cooling liquid.

There's another reproduction of motor stickers; so I got one for the first alloy M117 (450SLC 5.0) ... this will go on the motor. Thanks to Tom in Munich!

Another one for the 150% Ones ...

15 December 2020


As there was no production plate on the Pick-Up, I came up with the idea to make an  "individual" one. One guy refused to do "not-original" plaques (even accused me of not having a clue), but I finally found a specialist.

Of course I know, that only certain extras relevant to making the body were on it. But I don't give a sh... and I wanted to have it that way. All the extra codes are in the car (even more), the colour code will be Y2G and some text is "very individual". Not everybody's cake, but mine. You can even decode my birthday ;-)

P. S.:  It's etched out of aluminium.

A Thank-You for the "Deeply Involved" ...

14 June 2021


This is a little aluminium plaque I got today. I thought it's important to mention the "deeply-involved" people in the car. So the intention is to put this on the centre console one day ...

Personal badge ...

09 October 2021


There are still nice people out there! Based on Stefan's idea I asked the guy who did the other badges, if he could make a special one for the top of the radiator, where originally the lid was.

So four weeks ago I send him a draft of what I wanted. No reply, so on Thursday I called him. He told me, that it is on its way already and that it was a gift for me!!!!

Heat resistant glue is here, so I will stick it next week.