An Aussie Special: Stone Guards ...

4 December 2020


As there are many gravel roads in Australia, there was a quite common accessory at the time: the stone guards. They were officially available in the 60s / 70s, but only in Australia, protecting the front part between the lights and the grill. As they're somewhat unique and the origin of the Pick-Up (Argentina) has bad roads too, I had a new objective of what to get.

Luckily Craig from South Australia had a pair, that he sold to me (so to speak an original import). I could also get photos from Chai (Oz) to "prove" that it was a contemporary accessory. This was also important for registration here in Germany. I had them rechromed (to perfection again) and the last step will be the reassembly (but I need a new sealing for that).

So together with the original tank protection, the 15"-wheels (all Mercedes bad road extras), these stone guards complete it in my point of view.

Stone Guards finished ...

11 December 2020


Today I finished putting the stone guards together. I used M3 screws  (instead of rivets), but they look like rivets. Was a tight squeeze, as the new chrome and the galvanising adds a coating, that makes the stuff bigger, but I got it into the frames.

To stop the actual guards from clattering in the frames, there was a rubber ring pressed in. Of course very old and I replaced it with a 6mm round rubber profile; with a plastic spatula I could squeeze it in, so no glue necessary.

Stone Guards installed ...

10 October 2021


Just to complete this topic, here's a picture of those stone guards installed at the final car. It's definitely something, that not everybody likes, but due to my relations with Australia it is just a "must" for me!

Stone Guards in German Papers ...

31 December 2021


As mentioned before, it had to be proven to the German TÜV that those stone guards are a period correct accesory. On top of that, it had to be put into the official car papers, as it is an accessory attached to the outside of the car. So the "Steinschlagschutzgitter neben Frontscheinwerfer" (great word for non-German speakers, it says literally "stone hit protection grating besides front lights") are now part of it.

I'm pretty sure, it's the only car in Germany that has this text in the papers ;-)