Summary of the whole Project

Just a section for those who're too lazy to read the rest ;-)

The Car

  • Original 1973 Mercedes W115 Pick-Up from Argentina
  • Hard to find, approx. 1,000 built, maybe 50 survived
  • Mercedes production line in Argentina from 1972-76, so an "Original Mercedes"
  • Took two full years (!) to get the car exported out of Argentina
  • Had to apply for a "Car export license"
  • Was only possible with the help of my Argentine friend, Carlos. No way to do this from Germany
  • All the fees etc. were double the price of the car, e. g. "Dog inspection" at Buenos Aires port for 3,000 USD
  • Totally rotten, not one part in good condition. Several accidents

The V8-Conversion

  • Complete drive train from a 1982 R107 500SL
  • New (!) M117 motor, 5 litre aluminium V8 as the donor car motor was fucked
  • It was not easy to get the motor / gearbox in. 3D-designed motor holders to put the motor in the correct position, milled out of a massive steel block (8 hours milling time)
  • Extension of the drive tunnel necessary
  • Complete custom-made stainless steel exhaust system incl. manifolds (8>4>2, 40/45mm, extremely difficult due to limited space)
  • Completely new R107 brake system
  • ABS transferred from the donor car
  • Cruise Control transferred from the donor car
  • Gearbox operation redesigned for column shift
  • Restored W115 radiator with high performance net
  • Conversion to pwm-controlled electric fan with override switch in the Centre Console
  • Original W126 steel rims, 15", with 205/65-15 tyres

Body Works

  • The Pick-Up was completely rotten, several accidents, welded together from at least two, maybe three cars
  • Donor car sourced; California 220 (1972). Easier way than replacing EVERY single panel
  • Approx. 300 individual self-made parts (from bare metal). Over 40 original pickup parts, refitted sedan parts or new mercedes parts modified and used ... more to come.
  • Several structural improvements of the original Binz Pick-Up design to further strenghten the body
  • Smart drainage concept for the cargo area (the water has to go somewhere!)
  • Originally profiled cargo area covers reproduced (as the originals were rotten too)
  • Actual hours estimate  > 400  600  700  900  1,000  1,100  1,300hours


  • Self-produced complete new harness, rerouted and ALL extras integrated. Complete wiring diagram drawn in colour
  • All relais / control units behind the glove compartment on a down-foldable plate (not distributed everywhere)
  • Properly labeled cables all around
  • Seat heating (in the bench!) and electric windows (from W108) installed
  • Redesigned centre console with R107 switches
  • Battery under the cargo area, plus pole in the motor area
  • Sensors for oil and outside temperature
  • 3D-printed W115 cluster with original R107 instruments (redesigned, shrunk, resoldered and integrated)


  • 320x240 colour display integrated into the ashtray to display outside and oil temperature
  • Digital gear display integrated into the cluster: 14 segment display as there was no room for the mechanical display
  • USB-A port disguised in a cigarette lighter
  • "OBD" interface to self-developed electronic in the centre console
  • Many self-made spare-parts (3D print) incl. gaskets
  • Original Australian Stone Guards sourced and rechromed


  • Modern Aircon / Heating unit integrated (hidden), operation by the original controls
  • Completely redesigned Centre Console; adapted to higher drive tunnel, 8 R107 switches integrated, one aircon hole closed. All done with 3D-printed parts
  • Complete leather interior (original Mercedes grain and perforation):
    Dashboard, Centre Console, Seat Bench, Door Panels.
    Black with orange stitching
  • NOS steering wheel from 1971, in perfect condition. New as it was never used


  • Blaupunkt Retro Radio (1983) rebuilt with MP3-Player in the cassette slot, redesigned buttons, Cinch pre-amp out
  • 4-channel amplifier under the seat bench
  • 3-way period-correct system: MB Quart (German) with 20cm bass (foot area), 10cm mid-tone and titan-tweeter (the two latter in the door)
  • Subwoofer (25cms) integrated in cabin wall behind the driver
  • Motor antenna
  • All audio wiring integrated into the overall harness