Integration of the ABS

2 December 2018


Taking the SL's ABS System ...

The donor 500SL from 1983 had an ABS system fitted. As we used the axles and Brakes of the SL anyway, we thought it might be a good idea to convert that too.

There was space "at the original position", i. e. front Right. Of course the W114/5 never were available with ABS, but in the R107/W126 this was the position.

The original W126 holder was still available. We designed three "feet" and welded them onto the body. Holder on top and the hydraulic unit fit.

New brake lines ...

The brake lines had to be modified anyway, so I decided to install complete new brake lines (cunifer). Was quite a challenge (if you do it for the first time), but they're in. When completing the car, they will be straightened properly ;-)

The ABS control unit will fit somewhere underneath the dashboard and the sample harness I have from the SL. We haven't commissioned the ABS so far, this will be done when finishing the car.