Spare Parts (II): Rubber blocks ...

10 February 2020


Another stuff I experimented with are the rubber blocks, that are used for brake lines and fuel lines. Some aren't available any more and - due to the conversion - I needed some "special ones".

I designed them and after a lot of experimenting I fould a flexible filament, that is very very close to the original rubber consistency. It is a bit stiffer than original, but the lines get in.

Tipps for the 3D-print:
1. The filament is from FormFutura and is called Flexifil (ABS)
2. Flexifil does not stick to the printing bed (I tried a lot ;-) … so I constructed a "holding plate" around the rubber parts to hold them in place. Therefore you need a dual extruder Printer, black ABS in the one and Flexifil in the other one.

The print went for 23 hours and it turned out good … so just breaking off the plastic plates around the rubber blocks and it's done!

Spare Parts (I): Dashboard ...

23 January 2020


Quite a few spare parts aren't available anymore and taking "old ones" actually doesn't help, as they are most likely in the same state.

The first - of many - I want to report is the flap inside the outside dashboard air vents. As you can see on the first photo, everything's broken and the rubber is hard and damaged. So I tried to design that flap, including a "negative form" to produce my rubber myself.

After some test prints (in white; that increases the contrast when you want to see where the collisions are), the thing fit.

The rubber thing I started with the rear Pick-Up lights. That sealing isn't available anymore. So after a lot of trying (and spending money) I found components, that give me a rubber roughly in the consistency of the original one. You mix the stuff, put it in the negative form and after approx. 3 hours you can take it out.