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Stefan "Dr. Q"

I learned to know Stefan by inviting him to one of my R107 private tours, that I organise every odd year. He's one of the 6.9-Experts in this world and has done a fantastic conversion, which put a 6.9 motor into a C107 450SLC incl. the hydropneumatic suspension. That's a beast!

He helped me a lot when we were discussing the V8-conversion with Mercedes here. Besides that he's a great source for knowing where to get parts and he has contacts with no end.

After we knew each us a bit better, I think we came closer and I now consider him a friend. He also got me into contact with Timo, who finally agreed to do the body works on this project. His nickname is "Dr. Q", because he uses rubber gloves when working on cars ;-)

I thank him a lot for ALL his advice and - especially - for getting me back on track, when I wanted to abort this project in February 2019.