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USB Socket - Disguised

3 September 2019


While I modified the centre console so heavily, I thought it might be handy to be able to charge e. g. a phone in the car. The modern USB-Sockets on Ebay from China are of course too modern and cannot be used.

As I had two cigarette lighters from two cars, I got an idea. How about designing an inlay for the cigarette lighter, that could hold a USB socket? And use the original knob in a way, that it is held inside the USB socket?

So I took a cigarette lighter completely apart, modified some parts and started printing. The cables will be soldered to the USB-socket and guided through the inlay to come out at the end. GND will be connected to the cigarette lighter case and I can even use the original pins, so a standard Mercedes plug will fit.

So from the outside, the car will have "two" cigarette lighters ;-)

If you want to build something like this for yourself, please be aware that the USB socket needs 5V DC. So if you put 12V DC on it, you might be in trouble. Due to my electronic board I have clear 5V DC already. So if you don't have +5V already, you have to put a DC-DC converter in.

USB Socket II ... for my Electronic Board

24 October 2019


As my personally developped electronic board needs an USB cable to be programmed, I thought it is not so handy to remove the centre console every time I need access.

With the W115 there is an opening on the right side of the centre console, where you can change the bulb for the lighting of the switches. This element I don't need anymore, so I "redesigned" it.

There's a little cover, that you can take off to change the bulb. This is still visible - so original ;-) - but if you take it off now, you will find an USB Mini-B socket, which internally connects to my electronics board. The 3D-printer did the thing ...

USB Socket - Final

12 September 2022