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Sill Bar Covers ...

28 June 2022


I thought I mention something here, which might help others. The sill bar covers of the W115 are made out of plastic. They aren't available anymore and mine (as well as the used ones on the market) are bent and look really bad. I tried with several colours to paint them, but nothing stuck on them. So what to do?

As I have a R107 SL, I had a look at those sill bar covers. They are made out of steel and looked similar. So I took one out and saw, that the profile was nearly the same. Best of all: a) they are still available at Mercedes (45 / 70 EUR) and the doors of the SL are longer than the front doors of the Pick-Up.

So I got two of those. It took 3-4 hours and 3 Dremel discs per side to modify them in a way, that they fit. They were roughly 2cms (!) longer than the Pick-Up interiour up to the back wall, so they run all the way through to there. Also the B-pillar shape is different, so more grinding. As the original plastic ones are clipped, I had to drill some holes into the sill bar to fix them. Even the two thick wires on the right side (rear harness and the 35mm² plus line) fit in there.

Now it looks as it was designed like this ... I'm pretty happy with the result!