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Axle Restoration ...

19 December 2019


The original SL axles were taken by Stefan for restoration. Dismantling started now and we will see how much we will have to replace. Especially the ABS sensors will be some sort of a test bed as we will try to replace them with cheap ones from VW, as the Mercedes ones aren't available at the moment (and fucking expensive too).

First parts have been finished, e. g. springs and some small parts have been "converted nicely" … next step is to analyse what we order new.

Axle Restoration cont'd ...

12 February 2020


The axles restoration continues … a lot of parts are back from galvanising and powder-coating. Looks great so far … Stefan even managed to get the ABS sensors out in one piece …

I'm also lucky, that Stefan got hold of new front brake calipers (R107) which aren't available anymore. Lucky for me ;-) … funnily the front brake discs were more or less new, so they must have been replaced just before I bought the donor car (as a born Swabian*, I save that money ;-) )

* for those who don't know what a Swabian is: It's a Scot that has been expelled from the country due to extensive meanness;-)

Axle Restoration cont'd II ...

18 February 2020


Just a short update from Stefan … nicely restored rear diff … not too bad!

Axle Restoration cont'd III ...

9 March 2020


Just came back from Stefan … the car was full of nicely restored axle parts. All either powder coated or galvanised … looks great. This is all a big puzzle, which will be put together, once the car is back.

He could also source - unavailable - brake calipers for the front and the back, so that's brand new too!

What you see on the photo on the very right is a quite rare W115 protection for the tank; this was in a not-so-nice condition (as everything from the Pick-up), but now it's nicely powdercoated!

Axle Restoration cont'd IV ...

17 March 2020


More parts restored and nicely prepared … cannot wait for the stuff to be put on the car! Stefan's doing a great job there!

Axle Restoration cont'd V...

11 July 2020


Stefan is continuing the axle restoration. Last parts came back; the aluminium parts from the rear axle really turned out nicely from glass bead blasting. Two other parts had to be sourced new (rubber not good) and I expect the last axle parts to be finished in roughly two weeks. I'll post more photos when I pick them up ... step by step the project is progressing ... ;-)