Electric Fan ...

5 June 2019


For this project I've decided to use an electric fan ... why? First of all the visco fan needs power and there wasn't enough space for it behind the radiator.

So after finding a condensator for the aircon, I measured the front and found out, that the maximum fan size is 16". I also wanted to have a continious fan speed control, not just "I switch it on, because it is too hot".

I got a Derale fan with their control unit. This control unit also provides an override switch; so in case the control unit doesn't work, you can press a button and the fan runs. I will redesign an original W126 "interior light switch", so I can manually operate the fan from the centre console.

The brackets on the photo look like "original Mercedes" I was told. But it is not. We just wanted it to look like that. So I went to a hardware store and got a steel pipe with the original diametre. Then we took a 16" rim, put it on a tyre balancing machine and bent the pipe in an exact 16" diametre ;-) ... flattened the ends and - voilà - the holders were done!

Electric Fan installed ...