Taking it apart

1 September 2019


After the cars had been delivered to Finland, Timo started a few weeks "thinking" … how to cut that bloody thing. You can only cut once and it is difficult to "recut" ;-)

I already told Timo, that the Pickup is in a REALLY bad condition, but it turned out even worse. It's so badly rusted, had several accidents and even the original construction (Binz) wasn't very good.

So here's some pictures, which definitely the masochists will enjoy ;-) … there is a reason, why "Schadenfreude" is a German word, that made it into the English language ;-)

A Quote from Timo ...

13 September 2019


As this is such a crazy project, I have to quote Timo's email of today ... no further words required ;-)

"The Argentina pick-up was made at least from two cars...maybe even three. Anyway they were joined badly under "rear seat" and it took me today nearly 6 hours to separate the rear wall because most of the sheet metal were doubled...or even tripled, because both cars were badly rusted and they were patched with third sheet metal on top..."

I take my hat off to Timo, for doing such a fantastic Job!!!

If you still wonder why ...

... I used a donor car for the chassis ;-)

21 September 2019


What's left of it ...

15 October 2019


Can you imagine, what would have happened, if I had put the pickup in an acid bath?