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Mercedes Ebert Weinheim

I also want to mention the Mercedes dealership Ebert in Weinheim. Hardly anybody can believe, that an official MB "stealership" (as they are often called) would do such a project AND be fair.

Yes, it is expensive, but I get real value for money. They were all helpful without limits and always there for me. Just one example of many: when the cars were being picked up for the transport to Finland, I was on a business trip. 10 (!) people helped pushing the cars onto the trailer and I got no invoice!

Although I will forget some, but I try to mention a couple. There's Felix Mueller, service manager … whatever problem was there, he helped. Guennar helped me with revising the gearbox and gave a lot of advice during the conversion. Philip and Berre from their bodyworks section helped a lot in welding and producing special parts. Uwe and Marco (father and son) from the spare parts department got me all the parts I needed and did a lot of research for me. Sergej, head of the whole workshop, who always found a slot for my project within all their other work. Holger and Thilo, the 2IC's in the workshop, provided valuable know-how and helped whenever I asked. Last but not least, even the managing director supported this project.

Sorry to all I forgot, the apprentices who helped and many more.

Here's a link to their website (only German).

Thank you Lunch for the Workshop ...

23 September 2022

As I mentioned quite often, Mercedes Ebert here - the whole workshop - was an enormous help with this project. The know-how of everybody as well as the help - and not all was billed - was outstanding.

As a personal thank you I did a lunch catering today, even the two MD's were present. Good food from a local restaurant, I did a little speech and everybody enjoyed it - at least that's what they told me ;-)

Imho it's very important to not only take things like this for granted, but to also honour those efforts.

Thank you picture hung up ...

18 October 2022

As a - last - thank you I had the group photo from above printed on canvas. I talked to the guys before and they wanted such a picture (in case someone thinks "omg, he puts so much pressure on those guys" ;-) ).

Today I was there and it is in a - provisional - position ...