Tank finished ...

5 April 2020


Last Saturday the tank came back, so it was time to finish it. The tank guy only did the soldering, but not the finishing. I wasn't too happy with the "soldering finish", but I left it that way because a) I didn't want to risk that it leaks and b) you won't see it.

So a bit of primer and colour and I think it is alright so far. A brand new fuel filter is installed and once the electrical installation testing is done, the fuel sender with a new sealing will be installed too.

Tank modified ...

27 March 2020


Finally the tank will be sent back. Although the Pick-Up tank was in good condition (surprise, surprise), I couldn't use it as I need a different tank for a fuel injection car.

So I bought a brand new W115 tank (reproduction) in the bigger version (82 litres). With the standard W115, the fuel flap is at the back, next to the license plate. This is not possible with the Pick-Up due to the cargo door, so the opening is on the right side.

So I cut out that corner of the original tank and sent it together with the new tank for modification. Cutting the infill part at the end, close it and open a new hole in the original position … here's some photos from the guy who modified my tank.

Wiper Motor restored ...

5 March 2020


I unpacked the wiper Motor for testing the harness. While I was at it, I designed a new gasket for it. After cleaning it looked much better. The housing I sandblasted and repainted it black. Another part, that can go in a box to be installed straight away once the car is back.

Fuel Pump Package ... nearly as new ...

4 August 2019


After the galvanising of parts, I started with the fuel pump package. The brackets were badly corroded and the fuel line didn't look good. The big bracket and the fuel line I sandblasted and had it galvanised.

However the bracket in the front (with the rubber bumpers) was still available at Mercedes … just 10 Euros … so this is brand new, as the rubber bumpers are.

Making the steering column nice ...

17 April 2019


Here's some pics from the steering column restoration … took it apart, sanded it and put Brunox (rust converter) on it. After 24 hours red primer was sprayed on it and it was painted black.

The steering itself was "hand-sanded", cleaned and painted with a clear coating. The gear shift stick still has to go to re-chroming, then it's finished.