Another one for the 150% Ones ...

15 December 2020


As there was no production plate on the Pick-Up, I came up with the idea to make an  "individual" one. One guy refused to do "not-original" plaques (even accused me of not having a clue), but I finally found a specialist.

Of course I know, that only certain extras relevant to making the body were on it. But I don't give a sh... and I wanted to have it that way. All the extra codes are in the car (even more), the colour code will be Y2G and some text is "very individual". Not everybody's cake, but mine. You can even decode my birthday ;-)

P. S.:  It's etched out of aluminium.

Another "detail" ;-) ...

23 October 2020


Today some more important "details" arrived. Same guy who did the stickers for tyre pressure reproduced the original service cards, that are attached with a wire. "Old style", period correct, one for oil and one for the cooling liquid.

There's another reproduction of motor stickers; so I got one for the first alloy M117 (450SLC 5.0) ... this will go on the motor. Thanks to Tom in Munich!

Wheel arch partition plate ...

10 September 2020


The two partition plates in the front wheel arches were still to be done. So glass-bead blasting, painting one side and spraying some underseal on the outside ... together with some nicely galvanised screws this is ready to be installed too.

Because I'm German ;-) ...

14 July 2020


Well, this is one for the 150% ones ;-) ... there was a project here in a R107 forum to reproduce the tyre pressure stickers in the fuel tank flap. There were actually five different ones. So I contacted Tom, if he could produce a special one for me, if I give him the pictogram ... well he did and today they arrived. Printed on metal foil, just like the original. The car wouldn't be complete without it ;-)

Bumpers finished ...

23 May 2020


After glass-bead blasting the brackets I continued with the chrome parts. Hand-sanded inside, properly taped and I put some zinc spray on it. After that I painted it in "light ivory" (RAL 1015), as original. In the hidden Mercedes Expert Circles it is also called "sperm white", so you can spray it yourself ;-) (just to check, if anybody reads this).

I removed the rust on the lip where the rubber comes on as good as possible and then put Brantho-Korrux 3-1 on it ... shouldn't rust there anymore. Then I sprayed wax on it with an additional wax on the little openings of those lips.

New screws and a new chrome bracket in the middle followed. Waxed the steel brackets too (inside and outside) and put wax (Permafilm by brush) on all screws or where metal is on metal. After putting all back together again new rubber was installed; the trick is to bend the rubber nearly 180° in the opposite direction, so it can easily be installed.

Door windows - bottom rubber profile ...

21 May 2020


When I ordered all the rubber / profiles for the door, I also wanted to change the rubber profile in the bracket that holds the door windows at the bottom. Bad idea. It took me one (1!) hour per window to get the old ones off.

Tips: Oil, oil, oil first. Don't try to lever it out, I broke a bit of the glass off at the bottom. After soaking, I could take off the top 5-10mm of the rubber on both sides with a little screw driver. More oil in it and then put a - more and more bigger - screwdriver into the side (hammer!). That's how it finally went off.

After cleaning I tried to put the new rubber and the sandblasted bracket back on. Another bad idea as it is really really tight. One rubber I fucked up, as I tried with glue to early. After cleaning the whole mess, I tried without glue first. Trick is to put the rubber on the glass, put the glue on top and soak the sides of the rubber with silicone spray, several times. With your wife holding the window you can finally - with a lot of force - put the bracket in. Hours and hours ... ;-)

Bild in Lightbox öffnen (open image in lightbox). Taking out the rubber step by step ...
Bild in Lightbox öffnen (open image in lightbox). Brackets blasted, painted and new rubber ...
Bild in Lightbox öffnen (open image in lightbox). There's the damage on the glass, when trying to lever it out ...

Radiator grill finished ...

19 May 2020


Today I finished the radiator grill. The inside clamps I coated with zinc, so I put it together. I used the chrome frame from the sedan and the inside (aluminium) from the Pick-Up. So the whole thing is not perfect, but original. However, there is a difference in the chrome frames (plastic vs alu inlay): The bottom shape is a bit tighter in the plastic version, so I had to cut off a few bits from the aluminium inlay.

Both stars weren't in good condition, so that's new ... makes it nicely with the emblem, painted by my wife. I had new ornamental bars including the original clamps to fix them, so that looks fine too. The only thing missing (I will order that) are the two rubber bumpers on the bottom.

Radiator grill cont'd ...

16 May 2020


I got the aluminum grill (original pick-up) glass bead blasted too ... and it looks like new.

Also I asked my wife (she paints) to try to repaint the emblem, as it was totally faded. I purchased a RAL 5002 paint and I think it really looks good!

Bumpers brackets started ...

15 May 2020


I started the bumper brackets now. Dismantled the bumpers from the California sedan, which was quite a challenge in itself. The steel brackets inside were in quite a reasonable condition as well as the chrome. Two stickers on the chrome proved to wear three fingernails off ;-) ...

Yesterday I got the steel brackets glass bead blasted and it turned out to be really good. So I have primed and painted it. The two chrome clamps in the middle weren't in good condition, but I could source them new from the club. So next steps are getting the rust off the 4 chrom pieces, get that tackled and waxed and then - hopefully - I can put everything together again.

Radiator grill restoration started ...

5 May 2020


I continued with the radiator grill. Having two pieces again, I chose the chrome frame of the sedan and the insert of the pick-up. There were two versions, the pickup with the small honeycombs in aluminium and the sedan version with the bigger honeycombs in plastic.

I'd like to have the original pick-up version, however the open area of the honeycombs is 22% bigger with the "modern" plastic version. Maybe that's the reason for the change. I will see how the motor temperature will be, so I can always swap.

What you see on the photos is two days of chrome polishing, rust removal and making it nice again. Next thing is to restore the aluminium honeycombs, the star and the ornamental bars for the grill (I have a set of new ones).

First quarter window restored ...

28 April 2020


After finishing the harness I started with the doors. All "mechanical" parts were cleaned or galvanised. I took apart the interiour door handle to have it rechromed.

Main issue were the quarter windows in the doors. Both gaskets aren't available any more. I could source the right one from a Mercedes Club here, but the left is just not available, no reproduction etc. I had a search running for around two years now and on Easter Sunday an email popped up. Someone sold it, original, from an aborted restauration. It was only 10 minutes online and I got it for 125 EUR, not cheap, but still in perfect condition.

So I started on the driver's side, taking all apart (and taking lots of photos how it's all puzzled together). The metal frame I ground and resprayed it properly. Took me an hour to fiddle the new sealing in, but it fits.

Next step is the passenger's side. There I'm again lucky to have the parts of two cars. The chrome of the California sedan is pretty bad, but surprisingly the one from the pickup is pretty good ... so I will combine the parts of two cars to have a reasonable window.

Tank finished ...

5 April 2020


Last Saturday the tank came back, so it was time to finish it. The tank guy only did the soldering, but not the finishing. I wasn't too happy with the "soldering finish", but I left it that way because a) I didn't want to risk that it leaks and b) you won't see it.

So a bit of primer and colour and I think it is alright so far. A brand new fuel filter is installed and once the electrical installation testing is done, the fuel sender with a new sealing will be installed too.

Tank modified ...

27 March 2020


Finally the tank will be sent back. Although the Pick-Up tank was in good condition (surprise, surprise), I couldn't use it as I need a different tank for a fuel injection car.

So I bought a brand new W115 tank (reproduction) in the bigger version (82 litres). With the standard W115, the fuel flap is at the back, next to the license plate. This is not possible with the Pick-Up due to the cargo door, so the opening is on the right side.

So I cut out that corner of the original tank and sent it together with the new tank for modification. Cutting the infill part at the end, close it and open a new hole in the original position … here's some photos from the guy who modified my tank.

Wiper Motor restored ...

5 March 2020


I unpacked the wiper Motor for testing the harness. While I was at it, I designed a new gasket for it. After cleaning it looked much better. The housing I sandblasted and repainted it black. Another part, that can go in a box to be installed straight away once the car is back.

Fuel Pump Package ... nearly as new ...

4 August 2019


After the galvanising of parts, I started with the fuel pump package. The brackets were badly corroded and the fuel line didn't look good. The big bracket and the fuel line I sandblasted and had it galvanised.

However the bracket in the front (with the rubber bumpers) was still available at Mercedes … just 10 Euros … so this is brand new, as the rubber bumpers are.

Making the steering column nice ...

17 April 2019


Here's some pics from the steering column restoration … took it apart, sanded it and put Brunox (rust converter) on it. After 24 hours red primer was sprayed on it and it was painted black.

The steering itself was "hand-sanded", cleaned and painted with a clear coating. The gear shift stick still has to go to re-chroming, then it's finished.